Anicesoft EPUB Converter: About MOBI format

Mobipocket SA is a French company incorporated in March 2000 that produces Mobipocket Reader software, an e-book reader for some personal digital assistants (PDA), wireless telephones and desktop operating systems.
The Mobipocket software package is free and consists of various publishing and reading tools for PDA, smartphones, cellular phones and e-book devices (Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, webOS, Java ME, BlackBerry, Psion, Kindle and iLiad).

There is a reader for personal computers that works with either encrypted or unencrypted Mobipocket books.
Unencrypted Mobipocket books can be read on the Amazon Kindle natively, as well as in Amazon Kindle programs on Mac OS X, the iPhone, Android devices, Windows, and Windows Phone devices. By using third-party programs such as Lexcycle Stanza, Calibre or Okular, unencrypted Mobipocket books can also be read on Mac OS X, the iPhone, Android devices and Linux. Third party tools exist to decrypt encrypted Mobipocket books, allowing them to be read using software that does not support encryption.[7]

A user can thus create documents in the Mobipocket format .mobi[8] (which is the same as the Palm OS format .PRC[9]) and use personal comments, bookmarks, and so on on all devices supporting those features. Additionally, Amazon offers a free program called KindleGen that can convert or create documents in the Mobipocket format[10]


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